Sleep Consultants

Silentnight Sleep Consultants are highly-trained and have specialist experience guiding babies to sleep through the night from the age of 6 months. Most Sleep Consultants will have worked as a Night Nanny or Maternity Nurse for several years before specialising as a Sleep Consultant.

As one of London’s leading and most respected agencies we are dedicated in providing parents with invaluable support and the best Maternity care available for their new baby / babies.

Our trusted team of Sleep Consultants have been working with us for many years and we are proud to be able to have such a remarkable team of professionals representing us.

Sleep Consultants all have:

  • Excellent Checkable References.
  • An up to date Paediatric First Aid Certificate.
  •  An up to date DBS check.

Your Sleep Consultant will:

  • Work with you in order to make a thorough and detailed assessment that respects your parenting ethos.
  • Observe and discuss the presenting signs and symptoms.
  • Look at diet and nutrition, breast feeding, weaning, appetite and topics around feeding in general.
  • Create a calm and relaxing sleep routine tailored to suit you and your baby.
  • Keep in touch with you providing feedback and ongoing support.

A new sleep routine is able to be established within 3-4 nights.

Sleep Consultant Costs

Sleep Consultants are self-employed and their salaries vary according to their experience and weather they are caring for twins or triplets.

Night Nanny salary expectations:

  • Per hour with a single baby: £17-£25
  • Per hour with twin babies: £20-£30
  • Per hour with triplet babies: £20-£30

Sleep Consultants salaries are gross and they are responsible for their own tax and national insurance contributions.